Find Luxury Gay Accommodation Chiang Mai

Thailand, the ‘Land of Smiles’, may also be known as ‘Asia’s Gay Capital’ too. Many LGBT communities and establishments can be found throughout Thailand. However, not all places will be welcoming to gay visitors—especially in the provinces and small towns in the countryside. Even when you go to frequently-visited destinations like Chiang Mai, there is no guarantee you won’t be judged and disrespected as gay tourists. Hence, keep these things in mind when looking for luxury gay accommodation Chiang Mai:

·        Consider a boutique hotel or a private villa – The smaller the hotel, the better, as it will provide more privacy and accept only a few guests. Better yet, consider a luxury private villa instead of the conventional 5-star hotel or resort. That way, you can have more privacy and enjoy the place to yourself without anyone bothering you. Some of the most luxurious gay accommodation in Chiang Mai will reserve the place exclusively for you or your companions, so you do not have to worry about being forced to deal with other guests in common areas.
·        Determine who owns the place – Westerners are more likely to be open-minded to gay relationships, so consider booking luxury gay accommodation that is owned and run personally by them. That way, you can be comfortable when you know that you are staying in a place where you genuinely feel welcome and accepted.
·        Get in touch with the hotel – Speak with the manager, supervisor, or the owner by email, chat, or over the phone and let them know that you are gay. Tell them you are staying with a partner or a spouse, with your gay friends, too. Take note of their tone and look for any signs of apprehension. If they seem appalled by the idea of having you as their guest, then look for another place.
·        Look for reviews – Hotels may claim that they welcome LGBT guests, but you can never truly take their word for it unless proven by actual gay customers. So, be sure to look up reviews written by gay guests to verify the claims.

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