How to Search for the Best Chiang Mai Hotels

Even if you are visiting Chiang Mai to enjoy its attractions and spend a lot of time out and about in the surrounding area, you will still need to consider the quality of your accommodation. After all, it will be the place where you will rest and unwind after a long and tiring day. Hence, when searching for the best Chiang Mai hotels, always consider the following factors to ensure a better experience and a high-quality service:

  • Look up the options, consider your objective for visiting Chiang Mai – Search for highly rated Chiang Mai hotels and explore and compare their features and services. Consider a strategically located hotel outside the city if you want a place to relax and not worry about a bustling environment. Some of the best hotels are at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains in Mae Rim Valley, 30 minutes by car from the heart of the city, and surrounded by lush and landscaped tropical gardens.
  • Explore the lodging options – For a truly exclusive, luxurious, and relaxing getaway, look for a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai where you and your companions are the only guests throughout your stay. Make sure the rates are all-inclusive where three authentic homemade meals will be prepared especially for you. Consider accommodation that offers private beautifully built and adorned, air-conditioned villas where you can feel at home.
  • Learn about the services – Owners of some of the best Chiang Mai Hotels will personally take care of you during your stay. They can arrange guided trips and spa treatments for you. Therapists are on-call, so you do not have to worry about leaving your room or going to another establishment for relaxing and therapeutic treatments offered by professional therapists.
  • Check for special offers and arrangements – Some of the best Chiang Mai Hotels are excellent venues for intimate holidays with a loved one, making them perfect for honeymoons, too. They offer a honeymoon suite overlooking an infinity pool, the mountains, and beautiful gardens, and privacy is assured throughout your stay.

Howie’s HomeStay is situated in the Mae Rim area to the north of Chiang Mai. With outstanding views and facilities it has all the services of a 5 star hotel but the privacy of a luxury villa. Your hosts are on site to help you get the most of your visit to Northern Thailand introducing you to the local culture. Join in with Jerri as she cooks the most wonderful traditional Thai dishes. This is a true example of experiential travel not to be missed.

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